Business Motivational Speaker Meridith Elliott Powell shares the secrets and strategies to hit your sales goals.

Meredith Elliot Powell, business coach and speaker, provides sales tips on how to deal with a sales manager who is not up to par. Meredith shares that for anyone who has been in sales long enough, probably experienced more than one sales manager who just hasn’t been up to the task, either they micromanaged you or they didn’t give you any help at all and she shares a few tips to what to do if your sales manager isn’t that great:
1) Number one: Accept it. Embrace it. They’re your boss right now there’s nothing that you can do to change it. so complaining about it whining about it moaning about it, is not going do nothing but prevent you from hitting your sales goals.
2) Second strategy you need is that you need to sit down with the sales manager. You just need to be clear about what it is they want from you and what they expect every sales manager is different and if you’re going to succeed under this sales manager you’ve got to know what’s important to them.
3) Number three: Find a mentor. The great thing about sales is that you can learn it from other people either inside your organization or outside your organization. Find somebody who’s good at sales and ask them for advice.
4) Number four is you’re lucky, sales is a skill that can be learned. You can watch Youtube videos. You can Google, You can read articles, You can read books, but take on the responsibility of educating yourself.
If you do those four strategies, you accept the fact that your sales manager isn’t good, you’re clear on your expectations, you find a good mentor, and you commit to learn how to sell, you’re going be a success and it isn’t going matter that your sales manager isn’t up to par.

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