I come to you today from beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado and I have been out here working on my newest book, “thriving in uncertainty” a book all about those organizations and leaders that we really are doing everything they can to see see no matter what this I have done the research I had studied the leaders but I need your help I’m looking for a few more stories so if you know of organizations that have been steadily exceeding since 2008 doing something really innovative with succession planning for talent development or have had to reinvent a product or service to say cutting edge in their industry or doing something innovative with technology I would like to know I’m looking for your ideas and referrals on leaders and on organizations that you believe are truly driving and uncertainty so if you take a moment and follow this link you’ll find more information out with a survey of what exactly I’m looking for I’d love to have your ideas and if you sign up it would give me a really great organization you’ll be among the first to get a signed copy of my book as it’s right off the press so what are you waiting for look at the survey and you’ll see your organization featured in my book scheduled to come out late 2019 early 2020 and together we’re going to help organizations thrive no matter what this economy does.

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