I’m gonna do a keynote called, “The Incredible Gift of Struggle”. Now, struggle isn’t exactly something that you typically hear motivational keynoters start her presentation with. But struggle is important because struggle is something that we all face, it’s something that we all have to deal with. And the difference for people who succeed with struggle and people who don’t is struggle either becomes the obstacle, the thing that stops you dead in your tracks and prevents you from getting another level, or struggle becomes the thing that actually propels you forward. The most successful among us believe that struggle truly is a gift. That if you can push through the struggle on the other side you’ll achieve at a level you didn’t even realize you had the ability to achieve. So, the action from this video is the next time you’re faced with a struggle, the next time you feel an obstacle, I want you to think about taking a breath and allowing the struggle to take you where it’s supposed to take you. I mean I tend to think that struggle is like a riptide. If you fight it, it’ll beat you up, and stop you dead in your tracks. But if you take a breath, if you go with the struggle, it may just take you out on the other side to a level and a place you never thought you could achieve. And I know this because I have learned that lesson the hard way. I was the one who fought struggle, early on, and now I understand that struggle is just a step, it’s just a strategy, it’s just a rung in the ladder to get you to the next level.

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