Meridith Elliott Powell shares her monthly Business Growth Update. This month: Strategies To Get You To The Close!

This economic climate is full of opportunity and full of clients who want to do business but sometimes it feels like getting the first meeting and nourishing the relationship takes so much time and energy that you have nothing to get you through the long wait to get the deal to close. And closing the deal is the goal, isn’t it?

Today’s sale cycle is longer than we have seen in years past. The new economy has brought some great opportunities, but with it, a whole new set of challenges. So what is a professional to do? How are we stay in the game, keep our energy up and continue to stay in front of our customers without being rude or pushy?

1. Embrace Reality: You are not in control. Understand it is all up to the client. If you push the client too hard, they will leave.

2. Overfill Your Pipeline: Patience is a virtue, and the need for instance gratification is a curse. Overfill your sales funnel to have more potential prospects than you need to meet your numbers. Sell from a place of power, not a place of need. The more you overfill your pipeline, the more relaxed you will, and the more deals you will close.

3. Redesign Your Follow-Up: It takes an average of 7-8 sales calls to close a deal, but the average salesperson gives up after just 3. Why? We don’t like follow-up, and we assume people are not interested in doing business and we don’t want to be irritating. If you’re using a traditional follow-up system, you probably really are irritating your customers. So what should you do instead? Focus on adding value rather than just checking in to see if the prospect is ready to buy.

If you put these strategies into place, you will be in a better position to close more sales, increase profits, and win in this trust and value economy.

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