hi, this is Meredith Elliott Powell and today I was thinking we need to talk about workplace drama. I know who really wants to talk about workplace drama? But if you are leading a team, chances are you’ve got some drama in the office and this is drama that is costing you money. I mean workplace drama, I think ranks right up there with one of the biggest killers of our bottom lines and if you don’t handle it as a leader, it costs you respect. So what do you need to do to really stop workplace drama and stop it cold? Well I’ve got three strategies for you today. Three things that if you do as a leader it’s gonna put a major dent in the workplace drama that is happening in your office and it is gonna drive productivity. So the first thing you need to do as a leader if you want to stop workplace drama is you need to not engage in it. I mean not engage in it at all. That means when you hear it when somebody brings it to your attention you need to not engage in it and you need to encourage the people that work with you and for you not to engage in workplace drama. That means when Sally comes up and tells you that bill isn’t doing any of his work you simply change the subject – Wow Sally what’s on your schedule today? Do not engage, what you focus on expands and if you focus on workplace drama you are gonna expand workplace drama. Now as a leader that means strategy number two you need to will not allow workplace drama to happen that means if Ben comes in and talks to you about Christine and all the work that she’s not doing or what’s going on in her life. You need to say thank you for bringing that to my attention, I’m gonna go get Christine and we are gonna talk about this together. The most important thing that a leader can do is not allow anybody to speak about somebody else on the team without them present and you simply say then I would never let Christine come in and talk about you without having her in the room and last but not least, look you’re the leader if there is workplace drama ,it’s your fault. You need to say it is a non-negotiable and you need to hold the team accountable and you’ve got to have consequences so how do you stop workplace drama cold. Number one don’t engage as the leader never let anybody speak to you about somebody else on the team without them present in the room and then you need to reward people who don’t engage in it and hold others accountable that do. If you put those strategies into place I promise you you’ll not only stop workplace drama cold but you’re gonna drive productivity and you’re gonna attract top talent because really great employees they don’t want to waste their time with workplace drama. so I’m Meredith Elliot Powell and that is your leadership sales tip of the week. I’ll join you next week for another tip on how you can turn busy into productive and really create ownership at every level so you can drive results at every turn.

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