Face It – The rules have changed and selling today is different! Customers demand more. Sales cycles are longer. Competition is stronger. And getting above the white noise is darn near impossible. Sales success today means committing to increasing your sales skills, ability to strategize and execute.

You need to set clear goals, stay radically focused and build a powerful sales muscle. You gotta learn to: network like your life depends on it; make connections that easily open more doors; proactively add value that deepens and expand current relationships ; activate your volunteers sales force and blow past your goals!

If that sounds like the sales person you want to be, then joins us for Sales Accelerator Mastermind. The sales program that will ignite your passion for sales and put you in a position to leave your competition in the dust.

The specifics: A powerful six-session program designed to build your sales skills, develop strong sales focus, and master the secrets of selling today.

Meridith Elliott Powell is a business growth expert, author, coach, consultant, and motivational keynote speaker. Meridith is working to instill ownership at every level of the company ladder, while creating profits at every turn. To learn more about Meridith and her work in leading business owners to happier, stronger paths of success, visit her website: http://
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