www.meridithelliottpowell.com Meridith Elliott Powell has released her latest book, Own It Redefining Responsibility: Stories of Power, Freedom, & Purpose. Strategies That Inspire Ownership At Every Level & Increase Productivity, Customer Loyalty and Success At Every Turn

Own It: Redefining Responsibility provides new and innovative solutions to one of today’s most pressing challenges – employee engagement. Top leaders share their strategies and secrets for how to gain competitive advantage by attracting, developing and retaining top talent; and successful employees shares their ideas for how to get above the white noise and become the employee companies strive to keep!

Meridith is a Motivation Keynote Speaker, Business Growth Expert, Author, Coach, and Consultant. For more info about Meridith, visit her site: http://
www.meridithelliottpowell.com” >www.meridithelliottpowell.com