I’m Meredith Elliott Powell for Tip 342 today about what I think is the most important word in the customer service, in fact it’s the most important word. This week I had one of those weeks You know what I’m talking about, because you take one of those weeks to everything seemed to go wrong but the biggest issue I had was with, it seemed every flight I got on for some reason, we didn’t take off and we didn’t land on time. For the most part it wasn’t a big deal because for that giving myself enough time to make changes or enough time before my meetings, except for one flight, one plane I got stuck on the tarmac for over two and a half hours, not only messing up my connection but the other two plans that were going that day will already slow down so if I didn’t make the connection. I was going to be spending the night in that town and completely missing my meetings. So I talked to the flight attendant about the part of my issues, she was perfectly nice really kind but she forgot the most important word in customer service. I called the 800 number for my carrier again, very nice very polite but they forgot the most important word. So what is the most important word in customer service? What really makes the customer experience they’re having challenges or problems, it is the word sorry. Before you start to fix the problem, before you start can handle their issues, I’m sorry. Why because to say I’m sorry – customer gets number one I heard I’ve listened number two it says I understand I care. By doing both of those things, relax the customer and they’re ready to hear you and to be part of the solution. So if you are training your team or you’re thinking how to take your customer service to another level, remember the most important word is sorry. Again I’m Meredith Elliott Powell and we’ll see you next week for another sales tips.

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