I want to talk about what we need to be doing to take care of us what you need to be doing to take care of you because I know it’s hard to see right now but this will eventually be over and and the economy will turn back on, things will get strong and you’ve got to ask yourself, are you going to be prepared?

Here’s four areas I want you to focus on number one: what do you need to be doing to sustain the business you have just to stay afloat? Are there things that you need to be offering? Are there different ways you need to be offering them? Is it time to learn to communicate virtually or start to use video or even sell into other industries? It’s time to get scrappy.

Number two what do you need to do to really transform your business? Because when this is over business won’t look exactly the same. Now you can use those changes for opportunity so think about how you want to morph and change your business how can you be better position three six eight months from now and what do you need to be doing right now to get ready for that.

Number three what are you doing to take care of you? These are stressful times and crazy as it
seems we are all working like crazy so it’s important that we take time every single day for us to make sure that we stay in shape and we stay healthy.

Fourth: Financially I just did this this morning going through my entire budget and asked myself what expenses can I get rid of what do I not have to have right now what’s going to take the
stress and the burden off of me to make moving through this time that much easier?

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