so I just got asked a great question and that is how do you communicate good news in a crisis and it leads to the question how do you communicate in general in a crisis. some businesses are doing incredibly well right now and some are really struggling and as leaders you’ve got to communicate everything that’s going on in your company the good the bad and the ugly why communication is key to making employees feel safe feel informed feel calm and feel stable all the things you need them to feel if they’re going to be engaged so let’s start with the bag how do you communicate tough news how do you communicate that the business isn’t doing well or that possibly you’ve got a furlough a few workers well number one you tell the truth you’re just honest with the team and telling them what you’re doing but more importantly why you are doing it be vulnerable let them know it’s a tough decision for you and then let them know if there’s a plan of action what you’re going to do to either make sure that you don’t have to go through cuts like this going forward or what the thought is to maybe bring people back when things get turned around whatever the tough news is you’re going to be far better off sharing it because employees know something’s going wrong you don’t want them to fill in the gaps you want to be the one sharing the information now let’s talk about what you need to do to share good news I mean sometimes that can feel a little tone deaf right when everybody else is struggling in the community or in your industry you go out there and share good news well good news is exactly what your team needs to hear listen if you have good news right now chances are you’re an essential business you’re on the front lines really making a difference and remind your team that all their hard work it’s more than the numbers it’s the impact that they’ve made it’s the difference they’re making in the community and all that hard work is not only going to make sure that people are taking care of but it’s going to make sure that your company is going to grow things are going to be safe and there will be a future not only for them or for others the bottom line is communication is so important in a crisis and if you’re wondering whether you should communicate something or not the answer is you should just always remember to be vulnerable to be honest stick to the facts and make it about the person you’re communicating to if you do that you’re gonna communicate effectively in a crisis and if you communicate effectively people will trust you they will believe you and they will follow you so we’ll see you next week with another tip and another challenge and remember we are all in this together and we’re going to come out stronger on the other side.

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