Sales: most people cringe at just the mention of the word. But the only way your business can grow, or for that matter stay in business, is to deepen existing relationships and attrack new ones. You need to have each and every member of your team engaged in the sales process.

The truth is, sales does not have to be stressful. And not only does it not have to be, but it shouldn’t be. You can decrease your stress and increase your profits, all by changing how you view sales and how you engage your team in the process.

1. Sales is a lifestyle, not a task.
Stress comes when we need a sale, so sell from a place of power and not a place of need.
2. Productive vs. busy.
Being busy feels horrible and leads to more stress. Being productive actually boosts our confidence and breeds more productivity. So know the difference between busy work and which behaviors will move the process forward.
3. Help. The good 4-letter word. Make it easy for your team to ask for help, whether they need it or not. Staying in learning mode will keep the pressure off of your team, and lighten the environment of the workplace.

These 3 strategies to stress-free sales will help your team fully engage in the process, build confidence, and will ultimately increase your bottom line. For more tips and strategies visit http://
www.meridithelliottpowell.com” >www.meridithelliottpowell.com

Meridith is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Business Growth Expert, Author, Coach and Consultant.